While we all come to yoga for different reasons, the benefits in each of these areas can be surprisingly vast. Often times, yoga provides the perfect complement to an existing health and wellness program.

Whether you are seeking the physical benefits like greater flexibility, balance, reduction in chronic pain or the mental benefits like decreased stress, enhanced sense of presence or a greater body connection, there is something everyone can gain from a regular yoga practice.

Yoga seeks to put us in touch with our spiritual core, our innermost nature, that which or who we truly are.

Throughout history, yoga masters have brought deep devotion to their teaching, passing on their knowledge to students with passion and humility. Their dedication and creativity gives us the ability to experience yoga as we know it today.



Whether you are brand new to yoga and looking to get started or an experienced yogi looking to take your practice to the next level, private classes may be the right choice for you. Follow a specific sequence of breath work and postures based on your individual needs, goals and preferences, at your own pace and within your own limitations. With this level of individualized attention, you will greatly enhance your yoga practice in a way that is not always attainable in group classes.

Semi Private / Small Group

Practice yoga with a group of friends or like minded individuals at home, work or at a yoga studio. These unique classes and workshops are tailored to the wants and needs of the group. Receive greater attention and hands on instruction than you would in a traditional yoga class while still maintaining the positive energy of a group. This is a great opportunity for friends or coworkers to bring a sense of community and mindfulness to their daily interactions and routines.

Office / Corporate Yoga 

Bring yoga to your office or workplace! Gain all the physical benefits as while learning to manage stress, improve mental clarity and increase productivity. Can be modified to be done on a mat or in a chair.

Achieve Your Wellness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels and help achieve all wellness goals